Waves, Surf and Art on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

The ocean connects us all. Its mystical power and ancient wisdom have inspired humans since the beginning of time. The ocean is both our birth home and a peaceful resting place.

I’m an ocean and surf artist located at Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Growing up in land-locked Europe, I long ago decided that the ocean was my true home. I have since moved to Australia and am continuing my journey in quiet appreciation of the fact that I get to spend time in the ocean every day now – scuba diving, swimming, but mostly surfing. On my surfboard is where I find peace and balance. It’s where I connect with myself, it’s where I find answers.

Art is a way to express myself. When I create art, I speak what’s true for me. I very quickly discovered that old and battered surfboards make an excellent canvas and beautiful art for ocean lovers all over the world to enjoy. This is my story, this is my art – I hope you enjoy it!


My art is strongly influenced by the ocean and the surf life that I love. Recurring themes such as waves and surfer girls continue to fascinate me. View my portfolio for recent work and surfboards.


Are you ready to brighten your home with one of my surfboards or ocean-inspired art pieces? Maybe you’re looking for a present for your surfer friend or you would like something for your own wall? Head over to my shop to order yours today!

Painted Surfboards

My upcycled, hand-painted surfboards are loved by surfers far beyond Sydney’s Northern Beaches. I do custom work, too! Get yours today!